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Acute Medicine 2nd edition 2018

Acute Medicine 2nd edition 2018 pdf

The author wrote this Acute Medicine 2nd edition book for students needs, to have a reference for the questions that come up when dealing with acutely unwell medical patients.Author hope it will be useful for others at all levels, especially the on-call Medical SPR. Emergency department doctors and others may also find it helpful. It is a quick reference to ‘what and why’ that covers standard and not so common emergencies.

It is compact, and facts can be found quickly. author am acutely aware of the frailties of human memory and decision-making. A simple checklist at hand can hopefully enhance safety and clinical care. Included at the back is a quick emergency drug reference where drug information is consolidated to avoid repetition.

Acute Medicine 2nd edition
Acute Medicine 2nd edition 2018 pdf

This does not replace the British National Formulary (BNF) which has now been released as a free app and is the best source of prescribing information. Despite great care, we may have errors of omission or fact. Acute Medicine 2nd edition is not a cookbook to slavishly follow, but a guide to help the reader to analyze a difficult situation with a framework and some salient facts.

Lastly, this is an Acute Medicine 2nd edition book by a generalist. It is not meant to replace experts. All problematic cases benefit from new expert help – this book should aid the dialogue. To some, the information will be new, and to others, it is merely a reminder. It needs to be compact and concise so let us not waste further words or space.

Almost all subjects have been edited and updated in Acute Medicine 2nd edition.Interesting topics such as the use of intralipid therapy in toxicology and management of inhaled cyanide have been added, along with new articles on transverse myelitis and demyelination. There have been multiple other updates and references to national and international guidelines, including stroke and resuscitation. The challenge has been to add quality without adding quantity.

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