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Complications in Surgery Second Edition


Complications in Surgery Second Edition

Surgical therapy is inherently risky. All surgeons seek to balance an operation’s potential benefit and risk with the
disease being treated. The best surgeons display a combination of knowledge, technical skill, and clinical judgment.
Knowledge begins with a thoughtful appraisal of the medical literature. Operative technical ability develops from an
understanding of the process of surgery with comprehension of both the operation’s objectives and the steps needed
to meet them.

Clinical judgment may be developed individually from experience, but it is also acquired from
the distilled experience of others. Surgical judgment and understanding crucially depend on a detailed reading of
the surgical literature and the expertise of others.

In recent years, it has become clear that surgical results depend not only on individual technical facility and judgment but also on the system in which a surgeon treats patients. Institutional parameters, the organization of clinical care, and teamwork play key roles in assuring that patients receive care that is both safe and efficacious. In
many instances, the setting of care is as important in clinical outcomes as the individual surgeon.

Complications in Surgery Second Edition
Complications in Surgery Second Edition is organized to cover both the broad concepts of surgical care and the complications relevant to operations on specific organs. Surgical epidemiology, operative technique, and disease pathophysiology are each essential in contemporary surgical practice; each is emphasized in this new Complications in Surgery Second Edition textbook.

In selecting contributors to Complications in Surgery Second Edition, the editors sought surgeons who had significant clinical experience with the diseases and the operations described. In addition, the authors chosen are active contributors to new clinical knowledge and to the contemporary practice of surgery.

The editors believe that the Complications in Surgery Second Edition makes a truly unique contribution to
the surgical literature—unique in its concept, focus, and breadth. We hope that our readers will find that the book
combines unique perspectives and information on the modern surgical practice. Our ultimate goal, of course, is to positively affect the lives of the patients we are honored to serve.

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