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Manual of Middle Ear Surgery

Manual of Middle Ear Surgery

The Manual of Middle Ear Surgery second volume of the Manual of middle ear surgery is structured according to the same principles and has the same goal as Volume 1 -to teach otologists-in-training various mastoidectomy and reconstruction procedures, using step-by-step demonstrations of the surgery.

Besides the several canals wall-down mastoidectomy methods, established before the tympanoplasty era, numerous new canal wall-up mastoidectomy methods have been developed over the last 40 years. All arrangements are illustrated with step by- step drawings that trace the procedure to the point at which the disease has been completely removed. Further illustrations show the reconstructions of the tympanic cavity and the attic, rounding out the first part of the book with many reconstruction figures.

manual of middle ear surgery mirko tos
manual of middle ear surgery Mirko tos

In the manual of middle ear surgery by Mirko tos book, the reconstructions of the ear canal wall and the mastoid cavity are illustrated. Searching through the literature revealed an amazingly large number of cavity obliteration methods, which have been described and classified. From the temporal bone dissection courses, I have learned that otologists- training needs to practice the reconstruction methods as much as they do the drilling methods.

Therefore, such methods are covered extensively in the  Manual of Middle Ear Surgery book.In Volume 2 it was necessary to illustrate the evolution of the mastoidectomy methods and include, more often than in Volume 1, my personal view on the long-term stability of the reconstruction methods. Therefore, this volume, still trying to be a surgical manual for all methods became increasingly polemic.

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