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OCT Made Easy 1st Edition 2018

OCT Made Easy 1st Edition 2018

This OCT Made Easy 1st Edition book, written by Hiram-Bezerra authors in the subject of OCT intravascular imaging, covers the best clinical knowledge for using OCT to provide high-resolution viewing for atherosclerotic material assessment, stent strut coverage and apposition, assessment in-stent restenosis evaluation, and PCI guide and optimization. Fully illustrated throughout in a handy, cath-lab side handbook supplemented by online movie clips, OCT Made Easy includes case studies, angiography, CT correlations, and simple techniques for getting the best image.

Although at first sight the term stent planning may be viewed as a synonym for stent guidance, the two concepts
are not always applied interchangeably. When it comes to the use of adjunctive intravascular imaging
with the intention to guide coronary interventions, it is common practice to perform PCI based on angiography,
and only execute intravascular imagery at the end of the procedure, to check the “final” PCI result.This book OCT Made Easy 1st Edition 2018 made us very much friendly to use this imaging technique.

OCT Made Easy 1st Edition 2018
OCT Made Easy 1st Edition 2018

OCT Made Easy 1st Edition 2018 contents

1. Optical coherence tomography imaging for stent planning

2. OCT imaging for assessment of plaque modification

3. OCT for plaque modification

4. OCT for stent optimization

5. OCT for left main evaluation

6. Optical coherence tomography for late stent failure

7. OCT assessment in spontaneous coronary artery dissection

8. Visual coherence tomography assessment for cardiac allograft vasculopathy after heart

9. OCT assessment out of the coronary arteries

10. Optical coherence tomography in the evaluation of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds

11. ILUMIEN OPTIS Mobile and OPTIS Integrated Technology Overview

12. Terumo OFDI system

13. OCT imaging acquisition


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