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Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition

Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition

The Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf book has been thoroughly revised to reflect developments in the field, and case studies and ‘science boxes’ added to firmly pin theoretical study to clinical practice.

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment of those brain disorders which primarily cause
disturbance of thought, behaviour, and emotion. These are often referred to as mental, or psychiatric, disorders.
The boundary with the specialty of neurology, which also deals with disorders of the central nervous system, is
therefore indistinct. Neurology mainly focuses on brain disease with clear physical pathology and/or obvious
peripheral effects on, for example, motor function.

Psychiatry introduces medicine students to the subject in a concise, innovative and memorable way. Its patient-centred approach blends a discussion of the theoretical basis of different psychiatric disorders with an explanation of the management of these disorders in everyday clinical practice, using genuine case histories to place the content in a realistic context.

Recognizing that having positive interactions with a patient is central to the provision of successful psychiatric care, the book includes guidance on history-taking and assessment, while also reflecting best practice as set out by current clinical guidelines. Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition provides guide to the students appearing for usmle ,mrcp ,dnb or in residency programme.

Having undergone an extensive revision for this Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition, and covering all the major psychiatric conditions in a logically-structured way, the book is an invaluable guide to all individuals who are likely to encounter those with psychiatric problems, including students of medicine, healthcare, and social work.

Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf
Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf download

 Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition content

Introduction 1
1 Introduction to psychiatry 3
2 The scale of the problem 5
3 Mental disorder and you 9
Assessment 13
4 Setting up the assessment and taking a
history 15
5 Conducting the assessment 27
6 Thinking about diagnosis 44
7 Thinking about aetiology 47
8 Thinking about prognosis 58
9 Risk assessment and management 61
10 Communicating your findings 76
Management 85
11 General aspects of care: settings of care 87
12 Psychiatry and the law 97
13 Drugs and other physical treatments 110
14 Psychological treatment 130
15 Social treatments 144
16 Managing acute behavioural disturbance 150
Management of specific groups 155
17 Child and adolescent psychiatry: general aspects
of care 157
18 Psychiatry of older adults 171
19 Learning disability 189
20 People presenting with physical disorder 207
The specific disorders 219
21 Mood disorders 221
22 Schizophrenia and related disorders 246
23 Reactions to stressful experiences 263
24 Anxiety and obsessional disorders 284
25 Medically unexplained physical symptoms 305
26 Delirium, dementia, and other cognitive
disorders 314
27 Eating disorders 332
28 Sleep disorders 356
29 Problems due to use of alcohol and other
psychoactive substances 376



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