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Peripheral Vascular Interventions 1st Edition

Peripheral Vascular Interventions, 1st Edition

Endoluminal techniques for treating vascular lesions have revolutionized modern medicine by reducing procedural morbidity and by showing outcomes better than, or at least equal to, those with invasive surgery. Having their origins in interventional radiology, this Peripheral Vascular Interventions 1st Edition pdf gives the  minimally invasive methods which are now employed by other specialists, who generally limit their use to arterial atherosclerotic occlusive or aneurysmal disease. Radiologists, on the other hand, have continued to pioneer new applications beyond the systemic arterial beds and have vastly widened the use of endovascular techniques.

Peripheral Vascular Interventions is a compendium of both traditional and innovative endovascular interventions.
In organizing Peripheral Vascular Interventions 1st Edition book, author approached experts with wide experience in a particular vascular problem. As a result, because specific problems are more prevalent in certain geographic locations, the expertise varied also by geography, and so the book acquired a highly scholarly as well as a uniquely international flavor.

Peripheral Vascular Interventions 1st Edition content :

The contents are organized into three sections, which cover the clinico pathological aspects of the spectrum of peripheral vascular diseases, report state-of-the-art vascular imaging modalities, and provide in-depth descriptions of endovascular treatment approaches to a variety of vascular problems. Each chapter of Peripheral Vascular Interventions 1st Edition  addresses the epidemiology and the etiology of the disease, the clinical and laboratory evaluation, and the role of preprocedure imaging. The roles of conventional medical and surgical treatment alternatives are discussed where appropriate.
Peripheral Vascular Interventions is intended for anyone with an interest in vascular diseases and interventions. It will serve as a reference, covering a wide variety of applications while recognizing that some readers may rarely perform certain procedures. Importantly, since imaging is central to the evaluation of many of these disease states, several chapters address modern imaging modalities, their relevant physics, optimal techniques, and appropriate clinical use.

The chapters of Peripheral Vascular Interventions 1st Edition are dedicated to procedures address relevant clinical issues, indications, patient selection, procedural and technical considerations, results, and postprocedural management. Where appropriate, available endovascular devices are described.

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