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Principles of Toxicology Third Edition

Principles of Toxicology Third Edition pdf

Principles of Toxicology Third Edition pdf: Environmental and Industrial Applications presents compactly and efficiently the scientific basis to toxicology as it applies to the workplace and the environment. The book covers the different chemical hazards encountered in the modern workplace and natural environment and provides a practical understanding of these dangers for those concerned with protecting the health of humans and ecosystems.

 Principles of Toxicology Third Edition features :

  • The Principles of Toxicology Third Edition is compact and practical, and the information is structured for easy use by the health professionals in both industry and government.
  • The approach is scientific, but applied, rather than theoretical. In this, it differs from more general works in toxicology, which fail to emphasize the information pertinent to the industrial environment.
  • The Principles of Toxicology Third Edition book consistently stresses evaluation and control of toxic hazard
  • Numerous illustrations and figures clarify and summarize key points.
  • Case histories and examples demonstrate the application of toxicological principles.
  • Chapters include suggested reading bibliographies to provide the reader with additional useful information.A comprehensive glossary of toxicological terms is included.
Principles of Toxicology Third Edition
Principles of Toxicology Third Edition

Organization of the Principles of Toxicology Third Edition

Principles of Toxicology Third Edition consists of 23 chapters. The early chapters establish the scientific basis to toxicology, which is then applied through the rest of the book. It discusses concepts such as absorption, distribution, and elimination of toxic agents from the body.

Chapters 5–11 discuss the effects of toxic agents on specific physiological organs or systems, including the blood,
liver, kidneys, nerves, skin, lungs, and the immune system. The next part of the book addresses specific areas of concern in the occupational and environmental settings—both toxic agents and their manifestations. Chapters 12–15
examine the areas of high research interest—reproductive toxicology, developmental toxicology, mutagenesis, and carcinogenesis.

Chapters 16–18 examine the toxic effects of metals, pesticides, and organic solvents. The final part of the Principles of Toxicology Third Edition book is devoted to specific areas and applications of the toxicological principles from both the environmental and occupational settings. Chapters 19 and 20 cover the emerging regions in nanotoxicology and computational toxicology. Chapters 21 and 22 discuss epidemiologic issues and occupational/environmental health. Section 23 includes risk assessment.

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